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Initial Thoughts & FAQ On Egg Donation

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Ladies, so you are thinking about egg donation. Are you on the giving end or receiving end of this thought? That is something you need to ask yourself. In this article we will be discussing what frequently asked questions you may be asking yourself if you are interested in being an egg donor.

Here you are, you may not even know if you are interested or not! You might just be searching for more information to then determine if this is something you would like to pursue or not. Here are some basic questions and answers to get your mind thinking on it all:


Is donating eggs painful?

Each woman has a difference experience. Some ladies post-retrieval may wish to take it easy and rest a few days afterwards whereas other ladies have reported going out to eat or shop the same day.


What medications are required prior to egg retrieval?

There are a few medications that must be taken: Lupron, FSH, and hCG are the primary three that are taken to prepare the woman’s body for egg donation. These medications are used commonly throughout the United States and are used to treat infertility issues.


How much can you be compensated?

Monetarily speaking, egg donors can earn up to five to ten thousand dollars dependent on a few factors. Ethnic diversity, if you have donated previously and the level of inconvenience all factor into this amount.


How does travel and logistics play a part in this?

Some donors are willing to travel to donate, whereas others are not. It is all about finding the right match for your needs including but not limited to this factor. Shipping frozen eggs is an option as well, but further actions and conversations would need to be had by the cycling facility you go to.


What traits do you have to have to donate?

The ideal age is between twenty one and twenty nine. Depending on how many times you have or have not donated in the past, this number factors in as well. All ethnicities are welcome to donate. Your traits are part of what makes the egg donation process successful for egg donor recipients are often looking for certain traits or similar traits to themselves.


What about privacy?

Privacy is of the utmost importance. Some egg donors do not want to be named and therefore remain anonymous when matching. Other times, both parties may choose to meet one another. Each case is different and both involved parties must agree. This happens mainly in the preliminary process of screenings on both sides, to know the wishes of all persons involved.


It can be a lot to take in and a lot to think about. No decisions need to be made quickly, therefore take the time to think things over. Think about the little details as well as the big picture. Talk it over with your loved one or someone you trust like a good friend.

Then, continue the process and see where your thoughts land. Talk with your doctor and further the conversation. If you find yourself on the opposite side of this equation, and are wanting to be a donor recipient, take a look at

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